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Damian has been an acoustic musician and singer for over 30 years. 

Along the way Damian has worked extensively as a session singer in various studios providing backing vocals and harmonies for original artists and making demo songs for the wider music industry.

Over the years he has played up and down the country including as far as Scotland, Wales and Ireland but mainly in the local area having played for years in residencies which have become legendary in the area, The Hand and Flowers in Maidenhead lasted for 11 years every Sunday! The Henry VI in Eton on a Friday ran for almost 12!   

Damian also spent a year as a childrens entertainer! A job that saw him train as a dancer! Not really his field! He was the first entertainer ever cast at Legoland Windsor when it opened in 1996. 


Today's events & prices

The perfect addition to your event, whether it be in your local pub, club or front room! 3 x 45min sets of Damian singing live, accompanying himself on his acoustic guitar. Singing a range of songs spanning the last 6 decades right up to todays date. During his breaks you will also have constant party music, to guarantee the party stays in full swing.

Book from £180


Rat Pack

Nothing gets your party into full swing better than Frank (ole blue eyes) Sinatra. Damian can replace 30min of his set with his renouned Rat Pack.

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